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Inspiring Comeback Sends Magic to the Second Round

Playoff Round One- Moncton (2nd) vs. Saint John (3rd)

(Moncton, NB: April 16th, 2018)

The Moncton Magic hosted the Saint John Riptide for a round one decision game Monday night at the Coliseum. Earlier in the series, the Magic took two at home to start, with Saint John then responding in favor and grabbing two of their own at Harbor Station. This contest of course determined who goes home for the season, and who moves on to play the winner of the 1-4 matchup, the Halifax Hurricanes, in the Atlantic Division Finals.

The Riptide entered hungry, and with some extremely high percentage shooting made an 11-2 run to start, +17 at their most, ending the 1st quarter 30-20.

The Riptide were unable to maintain that 66% shooting, and through some full court aggression from the home team, dropped slightly in the 2nd, went back up in the 3rd, and then in the 4th, hit a brick wall. Moncton exerted some unbelievable defensive pressure, while taking every offensive opportunity and turnover allowed. Their spirit in those last minutes, elevated by the home crowd, allowed them to make the best of those plays and win the Atlantic semi-final 103-95 over Saint John.

Moncton saw some excellent player usage on Monday with six team members in double digits. Jeremy Williams got us started, making 11 points in the 1st quarter, before missing most of the remainder of the game due to an eye injury sustained from a Riptide foul. Denzell Taylor maintained the paint with 8 points of his own and 11 rebounds.

Terry Thomas, our season high-scorer, was named Player of the Game for his efforts in the 4th. He finished with 6 rebounds, 3 assists, and 20 points, and was essential to the comeback.  

Leading the box score in points was Juan Pattillo, who was also an arguable POG. His intensity throughout gave an enormous boost to the Magic, and was invaluable to their win. Pattillo had 22 points, followed by Corey Allmond and Anthony Anderson who had 14 each, the latter with 8 assists as well.

Saint John had some numbers of their own; critical pieces in the initial run were Malcolm Miller and Aly Ahmed who had 25 and 21 points respectively, Ahmed making an 11-rebound double-double.

The Magic will now go on to play the Halifax Hurricanes in the Atlantic Finals, where if they make it past, they will have a shot at the title. The upcoming schedule for that round will be released this week.


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Photo: Jacinthe LeBlanc